Sustainable Conversation at a Glance

ustainable Conversation is your new online weekly communication and follow-up tool, powered by EcoBroker®. SC’s entire purpose is to help you build more business and more community in your real estate practice. The mechanics are simple. Sustainable Conversation provides you easy-to-publish, proven content (and heart) you share with your sphere every week. Thousands of EcoBrokers across the planet (your peers) have contributed to the design and delivery solutions from which you now benefit with Sustainable Conversation.

Earn points while you build business, with all the SC moves you make. Every time you use SC to share your content (and heart) with your audiences, you also put points on the Sustainability Advocacy Leaderboard (SAL). Keep track of your points on SAL, build more business, and win. The Sustainable Conversation user with the most points at the end of the year wins an Eco-Trip to Hawaii!, and there are other great prizes too.

Sustainable Conversation Benefits

  • Proven content to share with your sphere
  • Your branding on all content, with your brand and your heart.
  • Share with your sphere and win
  • Earn points on the leaderboard as you build your business and community
  • SAL points you earn during your Free Test Drive port directly over into your master Leaderboard score.
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